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WhiteKnuckle Playing Cards

The distinguishing feature of the English standard playing card is that the Jacks are lansquenets – mighty warriors or foot soldiers. With such a rich and illustrious subject matter, nothing needed to be added that wasn’t already there. All that was needed was to give each of the characters dimension and expression. Nothing was done to disturb the basic foundation of the deck. Rather, conscious decisions were made to preserve and extend the tradition. Each and every card in the WhiteKnuckle Deck is a unique hand rendering in keeping with the style. Where ambiguity gave way to artistic license, reference was made to its ancestor, the French Rouen design.

I invite you to take a look at an exhibition of the Royal Family in our Gallery »



WhiteKnuckle Blue Back

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WhiteKnuckle Court Card Designs

by Artist
Brett A. Jones

White Knuckle

The Royal Family

The entire deck is composed of free-hand renderings, finished in meticulous detail and manufactured to a standard expected by serious card players. Gallery »

White Knuckle

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