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Lee Asher 605 Signature

Lee Asher
605 Signature Series

Constant innovation, the desire to improve quality, and exquisite attention to detail have made Fournier one of the world’s finest card manufacturers.

The Lee Asher 605 Signature Series, manufactured in Spain, are printed on Fournier’s first grade paper stock making them heavier and thicker than most casino grade playing cards. This makes a card that is durable and resistant to symptoms of wear. This is a playing card that will stand up to many hours of handling.

Fournier playing cards undergo an extensive manufacturing process which includes twelve different stages of quality control. Each deck is cut out, one at a time. Special varnish, the formula for which is known only to two people at their Vitorian plant, gives Fournier cards their unique feeling and precise slide. Fournier has been granted quality assurance certification by Lloyds of London Quality Assurance Register , ISO 9001: 2000.

The Lee Asher 605 Signature Series are issued in Vintage Green or Regal Brown.

Lee Asher is a professional sleight of hand artist and for the last seven years has taught his style of magic to other magicians worldwide, conducting workshops and lectures in America, Europe and Asia. His visual style of magic is easily recognizable and universally acknowledged.

In 1991 and 1992 he won 1st prize at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Close Up Championships which led to Asher being first chosen as close up performer at the prestigious Magical Empire in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Subsequent to this, he has made several T.V. appearances and has published in all of the industry’s leading magazines. Lee Asher is dedicated to bringing only the finest magic to his community.

The Lee Asher 605 Signature Series arrived in port on July 16th, 2009. They are currently available for sale. www.LeeAsher.com

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