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The selection of articles presented below provide information on a variety of topics related to playing cards, card games, and online gaming. Most have been contributed by external writers with expertise in their particular area of interest. Each article makes interesting reading and provides links to external sources that may be of interest to readers.

Different types of Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos offer you some kind of welcome bonus - but are the purported benefits all they're cracked up to be? READ MORE »

Hole Cards in Texas Hold'em

The skill of Texas Hold ‘em is knowing the strength of your hole cards and the likelihood of having a winning hand before the community cards are dealt.

The History of Poker's Most Famous Event

The WSOP is in fact the most important and largest event when it comes to poker. It is also the longest-running. This is the story of how it became a legendary, annual event. READ MORE »

The Story of Don Johnson

Everyone dreams of going to the casino and hitting it big, walking in with a fistful of chips and walking out a millionaire. While a lot of people might dream about it, Don Johnson lived it!

The Evolution of Card Games

Some of today's most popular card games are descended from those played in the 16th century, however one of the most popular of all, poker, came from America when it first appeared in 1834 in a game played on a river steamer on the Mississippi READ MORE »

Deck the Halls: Top Card Games to Play this Xmas

Looking for festive fun that doesn’t hit your wallet at this expensive time? Pick yourself up a standard 52-card deck and you’ve got hours of entertainment READ MORE »

Blackjack: The top 5 most powerful starting hands

Blackjack is predominantly a game of chance. Factors including the number of decks in play, the croupier’s face card, and rules of the casino will all influence your chances of winning. READ MORE »

Poker Variations

Poker games come in several different variations from Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha to other more and less trendy versions. Whichever form of poker, the purpose is always the same. READ OUR GUIDE »

How In-Play Sports Betting is Threatening to Overtake Traditional Card Games

The sports betting juggernaut is showing no signs of letting up generating billions in revenue and winnings for players READ MORE »

Playing Cards Flourishing in the Internet Age

Despite the rise of the internet and the advent of virtual playing card games, the humble paper playing card still has its place in gaming circles around the world. READ MORE »

How to Shuffle a Deck of Cards

There are 7 official ways to shuffle a deck of 52 cards and these are seen as tricks that only experienced card players know and can perform. Casino experts Paddy Power, have created a handy infographic with the types of shuffle, some you may not have even heard of. Try your hand a this ancient art form. READ MORE »

All about BlackJack

BlackJack Variants

Considered to have originated in French casinos in the early 18th century, Blackjack is a simple game to learn – however, there are quite a number of Blackjack Variants ».

What makes BlackJack such a Hit?

BlackJack is by far and away the leading card game around the world. But where exactly did BlackJack come from? READ MORE ».

History of BlackJack

So where does the game, BlackJack, originate and how did it gain such popularity? READ MORE »

Artificial Intelligence in Online Games

Why Al is Better than You in Poker?

Poker has long been seen as an art rather than a science, where the human mind and readiness are the main essential elements to place a win. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to prove you wrong. READ MORE » »


Tells in Poker

The science behind reading body language as it applies to real life poker. There are "tells" - small gestures and facial expressions that can be used to read what your opponents are really thinking.

Strategies for Popular Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is the most popular and widespread casino games in the world. Different strategies apply to different variations of the game. READ MORE »

Get On A Rummy Ride with Ace2Three!

Long hours of travel and nothing to do? No fear as Ace2Three comes to the rescue to keep you engaged in its dexterous 13 card games.

Casino Card Games: How they Differ from the Rest

Playing cards have been around since forever, and form the basis of a huge variety of card games. Only thing is, playing games on online platforms can be significantly different from playing games with real physical deck of cards. Find out why »

Solitaire Poker

Solitaire Poker provides a unique overview of a game that has emerged as a combination of Solitaire and Poker all in one.

How to Pick a Top Online Casino

This article explores some of the pitfalls in online gaming sites, and some measures you can take to ensure that your getting the right kind of deal. READ MORE »

Make use of gaming strategy to enjoy maximum profit

There is a huge variety of games available online, and every site and very game is different. But if you make proper use of a set of rules then only you can only enhance your chances of winning »

One of the UK online casinos closed without explanation

Players on the LesA online casino were surprised this week to receive a brief email advising them without explanation that the operation would shut down. WHAT?! »

Jurassic Slots Dinosaur Themed Online Slot

Microgaming has recently announced that it is developing a branded slots game based on the blockbuster movie Jurassic World. This has brought out the several dinosaur themed slot games from the back burner.


Types of Casino Bonsuses
Hole Cards in Texas Hold'Em
BlackJack Variants
Playing Cards in Internet Age
What Makes BlackJack a Hit?
Poker's Most Famous Event
Story of Don Johnson
Evolution of Card Games
Top Card Games for Xmas
How to Shuffle Cards


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