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Why Al is Better than You in Poker?

Poker has long been seen as an art rather than a science, where the human mind and readiness to act fast, are the main essential elements to place a win. So, while you may think that nobody or nothing could ever master this game the way humans do, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to prove you wrong. The latest scientific advancements in Artificial Intelligence have allowed robots to play Poker just like you do, that is right, even with bluffing, feigning aggression and manipulating their opponents, yet their tactical thinking goes far beyond the human capabilities, making them the real champions. The probability of humans actually playing better than, for instance, Libratus AI, a heads-up AI by CMU, is around 0.0001% (with lower boundaries for standard deviation) and 0.54% (with upper boundary). Sorry, humans! Here are the main reasons proving it to be true.

AI Doesn't Get Tired

No one would argue the importance of concentration in playing good poker. But, how long can you stay concentrated, if you are playing a multi-day tournament and your biological need of sleep kicks in, despite your will and the appropriateness of the situation? Well, in general, you canít stay focused as much as you would like, as this would result in making mistakes that would be fatal in a game like poker. And, guess what? Al doesnít have any biological needs and doesnít get tired at all, gaining a significant advantage over you, in case, you know, you make that little out-of-rails move.

AI Doesnít Feel the Value of Money

Once the conscious mind of the player realizes the value of the money on the bet, many things could go wrong: excitement, anxiety, monsters in the head ordering you to stop or continue, who knows? All of those emotions and temptations mixed together can serve as a major turnaround in the psychology of the player, also turning on its head the possible game results. In the case of Al machines, donít worry, they give no care to any amount of money, always playing till the end with a constant pace and with no fear of risks at all. For example, if Libratus has a 10% chance of winning $20,000 against a 90% of winning nothing or a guaranteed $1,999, it will always take the 10% risk.

AI Can Identify Specific Weaknesses in Players

What can be said here? Watch out human players of poker! Before you even know it, AI machines would spot your most vulnerable areas and make moves to defeat you in seconds. How? Based on the data they gather from playing with poker pals like you.

AI Has No Emotions

Both positive and negative emotions on poker players can have drastic influences on game outcomes. Positive emotions of pride and excitement can impact suboptimal decision-making, and negative emotions of anxiety are found to impact optimal decision-making. While a human poker player can have a real struggle in coping with these emotions, AI machines donít recognize such a thing, which plays out in their favor, of course.

Now, whether or not your feelings are hurt here, or you suddenly fear the power of AI machines playing poker, donít lose your motivation and keep playing more. Experience is what makes a great man, both human and technological, even greater.

See more interesting facts about Poker and AI in the infographic prepared why experts from Pokers sites.

By Josh Wardini
Community Manager at Webmastersjury


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