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Casino Card Games: How they Differ from the Rest

Playing cards have been around for millennia and are used by countless games in a variety of settings. There are games designed to be played alone, others that need at least two players, and some that need at least four. But there's another category that you usually don't meet in everyday life: the ones you'll meet at casinos.

Casino card games in general

Most casino games rely heavily on chance instead of skill. Besides, their players hardly ever touch the cards, since all the work is done by the dealer. Casino card games are fast-paced, simple, easy to learn and play. They are highly entertaining, but in a different way than your usual card games: they distract you rather than making you focus on the game.


One of the few games at the Royal Vegas Casino Canada that actually involve some skill and strategy, not only luck. This makes blackjack a popular choice for Royal Vegas Casino players, and an increasingly sought-after game in real life casinos, too. The rules, as you might expect, are simple: players need a hand to have a value as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding this total. Blackjack has several variants, and most of them are available at the Royal Vegas online casino. The basic rules are mostly the same, with minor differences in the number of decks used, the rules referring to the dealers' behavior, and the payouts associated with various hands.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a popular gambling game in China, played with Chinese dominoes. The game was "Americanized" by game designers Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf in the 1980s. Also called "double hand poker", the game is similar to a game of poker, only it's faster, with an interesting twist. Each player is dealt a hand of seven cards, which they need to use to form two poker hands - one using five cards, and a second using two cards. When all players are served, the hands are evaluated (the rules are not too complicated, but it would take a bit longer than we have today to put them down here).

Pai Gow Poker has several variants. You can find the basic variant - the simplest of them all - at the Royal Vegas Online Casino.

Three Card Poker

Perhaps the fastest card game you can play at a casino. It's a variant of poker, but extremely simplified, and played with three card hands. Players need to place an Ante bet before being dealt a hand. When the hand is dealt, the player gets to decide whether to play on (and place a Play bet) or fold (and lose the Ante bet). Next, the dealer's hand is revealed - it only qualifies if it has a Queen or anything higher. If the dealer qualifies, the hands are compared, and the stronger hand wins.

Casino card games are simple, fast, and fun to play. Whether they are based on other games, or completely original, they are a welcome addition to any gaming venue.


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