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Solitaire Poker

In these days, playing casino games is very easy, because now you can play also on: smartphones or tablets or any other device with a medium screen and smart technologies. As well, with so many information available on the internet, you can make extra money if you池e very informed about the game that you池e playing. In this article we will give you enough information about Solitaire Poker game, because you need to know how to play it, if you want to win money.

Basically, this game (like its name says) is a combination between Solitaire(a very known Windows game) and Poker(the most known cards game on the earth). So, if you know how to play poker and you've played Solitaire at least once, you値l be the best on this game. This game is also known as: Poker Square or Poker Patience.

This game is a versus game, which means that you will compete with another player, and you値l need to create the best poker hands with 50 cards. Therefore, a player cans arrange 5 cards horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create a poker hand. The playground is a 5x5 grid and the time limit of a round is 5 minutes, which means that you値l need to be very fast, and that can make you thoughtless. So, I recommend you, to make a strategy before starting the game and when you値l play, you値l know exactly where to put a card and you will not waste your time, because it is very precious( not like in other casino game, where you have enough time to think before take a decision ).

In conclusion, I think that this online casino game, is also a strategic game, where the most strategical prepared people will can win and make some extra money.


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