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Copag Paisley Copag Paisley Hoyles Shell Backs Shell Backs Texan No. 45s Texan 1889
David Blaine Split Spades Split Spades Jerry Nugget Playing Cards Jerry's Nugget Lee Asher 605 Lee Asher
David Blaine Lions David Blaine Bicycle Rider Back Rider Back Queen Queens Slipper
Bicycle Guardians Guardians Centurians Centurions Propaganda Playing Cards Propaganda
Copag Paisley Copag Epoc Bicycle Eagle Backs Eagle Backs Bicycle Karnival Karnival
Bicycle 1891-1943
Cupid Backs Cupid Backs Fan Backs Fan Backs Safety Backs Safety Backs
Thistle Backs Thistle Backs Tangents Backs Tangent Backs Racer Backs Racer Backs


Playing-Cards.us: Our mission is to build a large online database of playing cards from around the world that can serve as a reference for collectors and researchers. To accomplish this goal we need contributions from collectors.
Andy's Playing Cards: These pages discuss in depth most topics concerning playing cards, with a particular interest for their history, and the many patterns used in different countries.
International Playing Card Society: The earliest authentic references to playing-cards in Europe date from 1377, but, despite their long history, it is only in recent decades that clues about their origins have begun to be understood.

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