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Standard Playing Cards
Standard English Court Cards

Early Standards
Early Standard Playing Cards

WhiteKnuckle Standard Playing Cards
English Court Cards

This rendition of the English pattern was more recently composed by artist, Brett A. Jones. With reference to the French Rouen design, the idea was to preserve all the elements of the standard, but bring dimension and expression to their characters. See More

Card Back Designs

White Knuckle WhiteKnuckles Hoyles Shell Backs Shell Backs Texan 1889 Texan 1889
David Blaine Split Spades Split Spades Jerry Nugget Playing Cards Jerry's Nugget Bicycle Rider Back Rider Back
David Blaine Lions David Blaine Lee Asher 605 Lee Asher Eagle Backs Eagle Backs
Bicycle Guardians playing cards Guardians Bicycle Centurions playing cards Centurions Bicycle Karnival Karnival
European Standards
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Brett A. Jones

PlainBacks.com: Extensive gallery of early standard playing cards. Famous American and English makers. Plain Backs is a celebration of the English Court Card as a cultural design icon.
DXPO Playing Cards: Exposé of early and contemporary European Standards.
International Playing Card Society: Decline of the English Court Card.
WhiteKnuckle Playing Cards: Free-hand rendering of the English Pattern by acclaimed Queensland artist, Brett A. Jones.
Sea Of Pain Fine Art Productions - Brett A. Jones works from his studio in Queensland, Australia. Only recently has he completed a rendition of the English Pattern.
LeeAsher.com Lee Asher is a professional sleight of hand artist.

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