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Different types of casino bonuses

If you enjoy getting the more for less, playing at online casinos which offer you lots of bonuses is the best choice. A bonus is money given to you within your online account that enables you to spend more time enjoying your favourite games, what could be better than that?

Most online casinos often offer a welcome bonus, which applies to those who have just signed up, or those who have make their first deposit into their casino account. The size and features of this welcome bonus should be a good determining factor when searching for a casino.

Deposit bonuses are the most frequently used by online casinos, click here. This bonus is given out when a player deposits money into their casino account and the casino contributes a percentage of the amount given into the account, which means the more deposited the better.

A free bets bonus allows a player to play a certain game for free over a limited time. This way, players can either try out the casino games or enjoy a couple free rounds of their favourites.

Online casino bonuses can provide players a great opportunity to win real money and enjoy the thrills of gaming without spending a cent. Choosing the right online casino is essential to getting the best bonuses which suit your unique gaming pleasures and needs. Look out for exclusive and exciting bonuses the next time you choose your casino.


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Early Standards

Texan No. 45's
Russel & Morgan 1886
Samuel Hart 1870
A. Dougherty 1865
De La Rue 1834
L. Hewson 1680
Pierre Maréchal 1567

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