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There is a thrill associated with winning on any type of casino game, that simply has to be experienced, to fully appreciate the exhilarating rush that it brings. Furthermore, if you are able to adopt strategies that give you an additional edge over the house, then that elation can become common practice and earn individuals great sums of money. The most widely played casino game worldwide is blackjack and this fabulous quick-fire contest between player and dealer, has produced its fair share of legends over the years. Among the very top blackjack players, many have left a legacy in the form of innovative books, clever computer programs and various other winning techniques, which regularly assist new and inexperienced players each and every day; year in, year out.

John Ferguson, more famously referred to as Stanford Wong, is one such character. He discovered he had an ability to count cards, which enabled him to become a professional blackjack player. He wrote a hugely successful book called "Professional Blackjack", plus the extremely popular monthly newsletter, "Current Blackjack News". Additionally, he put the software package "Blackjack Analyzer" on the market; plus the well known card counting technique known as "Wonging" can be traced back to this true legend of the tables.

Kerry Packer, is a very well known media mogul, but he also has legendary status connected to his infamous high stake wagering on the blackjack tables. His exuberant bets knew no limits; indeed he has been responsible for closing some high profile establishments due to his astonishing winnings, with London's Aspinalls Club one of his most notable scalps. The billionaire thought nothing of gambling up to $20 million in one visit and it is those staggering amounts of money, that have eared this wealthy Aussie his tag as a blackjack legend.

A different kind of legend is the card counting MIT Blackjack Team. This was a group set up in the 1980's, lead by Bill Kaplan and JP Massar, with as many as 80 signed up investors, who generated many millions of dollars in revenue, with what was effectively a profit making business, which included innovations such as shuffle tracking. The casinos eventually managed to get the practice shut down in 1993, but their name lives on still today.

With the on-set of online gambling, as we moved into the 21st century, legendary status is now much more freely attainable by more or less anybody. In addition, due to the fact that many players simply use a nickname as their identification, many remain largely anonymous. There are no croupiers, waitresses, or fellow gamblers to give you your notoriety.

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