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Ken Uston: The Big Player

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Born in 1935, Ken Uston was a student at Yale University by the time he was 16 years old. After graduating, he went on to receive his MBA from Harvard University and established a successful management career. On weekends, however, he dabbled in blackjack, taking to heart the lessons of Edward O. Thorp's classic book, �Beat the Dealer�. In the course of playing cards, Uston met Al Francesco (an eventual fellow Blackjack Hall of Famer), and the two formed a close friendship. Francesco shared his extensive knowledge of blackjack with his new friend, and Uston never looked back, leaving the world of business to embrace the life of a professional card player. Al Francesco was one of the creators of big-player blackjack play, where card-counting team members would play at various tables in a casino and would call in the �big player� if the count showed particular potential.

Ken Uston

In 1977 Ken Uston co-wrote the seminal blackjack book, �The Big Player,� with Roger Rapoport. In it, he explained the basics of team play, thus revealing the secrets of his fellow card counters. The effect of Uston�s book was a double-edged sword: The book opened the casino owners� eyes to the card-counting teams, but, on the other hand, new teams used the book as a Bible and the art of card counting was further established. In 1979, Uston was barred from playing blackjack in Atlantic City casinos; however, he sued the casinos and won. It no longer was legal to ban card counters, but, as a result, Atlantic City casinos starting finding ways to make life harder for the card counters including using multiple decks.

Uston went on to write a number of popular books on blackjack and later became an expert on home video games. But blackjack was his calling card and his claim to fame; it was also the source of the millions of dollars that he would win over the course of his lifetime. That lifetime was, unfortunately, a relatively short one: Ken Uston died at the age of 52 in 1987. After his death, Uston was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame and his name will live on forever.

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