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Blackjack Perfect Strategy

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Simple Strategy; The Seven Rules

Player Does Verses Dealer's Upcard
Stand on 13 V's 2 or 3
Stand on 12 V's 4, 5 or 6
Stand on 17 V's 7 or more
Double Down on 11 verses Dealer's 10 or less
Double Down on 10 verses Dealer's 9 or less
Always Split 8,8's
Always Split A,A's

Rules for Doubling Down

Double Down On Verses Dealer's Upcard
11 V's 2-10
10 V's 2-9
9 V's 3-6
A6-A7 V's 3-6
A4-A5 V's 4-6
A2-A3 V's 5-6

Rules for Splitting Pairs

Split Verses Dealer's Upcard
A,A V's Any Card
9,9 V's 2-9 but not 7
8,8 V's Any Card
7,7 V's 2-7
6,6 V's 2-6
4,4 V's 5-6
3,3 V's 2-7
2,2 V's 2-7
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Card Masters of the
19th Centrury

Thomas de la Rue
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Ferdinand Piatnik


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Early Standards

Texan No. 45's
Russel & Morgan 1886
Samuel Hart 1870
A. Dougherty 1865
De La Rue 1834
L. Hewson 1680
Pierre Maréchal 1567

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