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Playing Card Retailers

· Playing Cards Only - Broad selection of high quality playing cards and collectors' editions including Bicycle, Copag, Modiano, Theory11 and Dal Negro. Playing Cards Only are one of the UK's leading online retailer of playing cards and card games. PlayingCardsOnly.co.uk »


· A Gallery of Standard English Playing Cards; PlainBacks.com - If you really want to see what early playing cards looked like, go to this extensive gallery of early standards, a celebration of the English Court Card as a cultural design icon. PlainBacks.com »

· Playing-Cards.us; Collection Our mission is to build a large online database of playing cards from around the world that can serve as a reference for collectors and researchers. Playing-Cards.us/collection.html »

· Barry Mafricks Antique Playing Card Collection "I'm pleased to exhibit some of my favorite historic decks for people interested in old and curious playing cards. I've been collecting cards for about 20 years ." Antique Playing Card Collection

· Nigel's Playing Card Collection "This Web Page contains a part catalogue of my collection of decks of playing cards. My two main interests are Political packs, and Transformation packs." Nigel's Playing Cards

Card Magic

· Lee Asher - Lee Asher is a professional sleight of hand artist. His visual style of magic is easily recognizable and universally acknowledged. He has conducted workshops in Europe and America, made several T.V. appearances, and has published in all the industry's leading magazines. LeeAsher.com »

History of Playing Cards

· The International Playing-Card Society; History of Playing-Cards - This brief history traces the origin of English playing cards from the late 14th Century. International Playing Card Society »

· The World of Playing Cards; A Concise History - A number of competing theories are examined in exploring the possible origins of playing cards. Takes up some interesting themes. A Concise History of Playing Cards »

· The History of Playing Cards - Chronological exposé of the history of playing cards from the 9th Century to the first-time industrial scale manufacture in the U.S. in the late 19th century. www.Playing-Cards.us »

· The Introduction of Playing-Cards to Europe - A brief discussion of theintorduction of playing cards to Europe. A short article that touches on interesting themes. http://jducoeur.org/game-hist/seaan-cardhist.html »

· The Decline of the English Court Card; The International Playing-Card Society - Pictorial history of the decline of the English Court Card from 1567 to 1815. Decline of the English Court Card »


· Solitaire Bliss -offers players the opportunity to play a unique form of Spider Solitaire 2 Suits for fun and engagement. Check it out here!

· The Card Games Website - Hundreds and hundreds of card games, one of the most comprehensive alphabetical list of card games. Games are explained with variations and interesting historical backgrounds. www.Pagat.com »

· Card Game Heaven - Variety of online card games, with tips and ideas on how to improve your game. Includes Cribbage, Canasta and important terminology. Highly recommended! www.CardGameHeaven.com »

· The House of Cards - Comprehensive alphabetical index of cards games and variations. Well set out and easy to read. Highly recommended. www.HouseOfCards.com »

· Hay's Rule book: Easy to read rules for a number of popular card games including Euchre and Five Hundred. http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/2767/

· Rules for Card Games Easy to access rules for a number of games. http://www.members.shaw.ca/bvwhit/cards.html

· WhiteKnuckle Cards Compendium of popular card games. Alphabetical index of card games. http://WhiteKnuckleCards.com/games

· Euchre Links Learn all you need to know about Euchre. Rules, strategy, information on tournaments www.EuchreLinks.com

General Information

· D.J. McAdam: Encyclopedia of Playing Cards - An interesting site that follows up a number of fascinating themes. Complete with quality graphics, is definately worth an explore. Links to some very good sites. D. J. McAdam »

· Andy's Playing Cards; An Introduction to Playing Cards - Well laid out site with tons of information for general interst. Lots to see and read. www.geocities.com/a_pollett/cards.htm »

· Dawson on playing cards "Welcome to our website dedicated to the wonderful world of collecting old and unusual playing cards, knowledge and information on this subject." www.dawson-on-playingcards.info

The Joker

· Andy's Playing Cards; The Fool and the Joker - Great exposé of this infamous character. Well laid out site. Lots to see and read. www.geocities.com/a_pollett/cardjokr.htm »

Graphics, Artwork and Design

· Medieval & Religion site on Churches, Cathedrals, Castles Has an extensive photographic gallery of this fascinating subject. Stone castles of England in elegant detail and form. http://www.churchistory.webs.com/

· The Enchanted Glyph; Ben Crenshaw, artist, illustrator and creator of Pippoglyph playing cards, draws his inspiration from history and mythology to create his Celtic designs. These fine pieces of jewellery are based on Celtic knotwork, orghams, and patterns and reflect an interest in ancient themes. The Enchanted Glyph »

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