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David Blaine
Split Spades Lions


Released in April 2008, the Lions edition, David Blaine Split Spades displays subtle design changes from the original Split Spades with a redesigned Ace of Spades, Joker and back design.

The playing cards were produced by David Blaine in association with Mark Stutzman and Dan White. The back design continues the theme of the Split Spades deck containing many subtle two way images. In comparison to the originals, the tiger gives way to a lion, and the talons which adorned the first back design, also by Stutzman, are now replaced by wings.

The deck also has additional design features. David Blaine and associates were always looking to improve the feel and handling of the card. David himself experimented with the feel and finish until he was completely satisfied.

A redesigned Joker and Ace of Spades also show new design features. Look carefully at the Ace of Spades, and within the shape and form of a naked lady, you can see the gestalt of a Lion’s face.


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