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Bicycle Guardians

Bicycle Guardians

The traditional Bicycle back design was reborn, exhibiting the same classic architecture as the originals, only more refined and intricate. The design takes elements of ancient scriptural art and combines them with a modern industrial style. Here the Guardian’s piercing eyes stare down at the fallen, his spear readied to exact retribution.

Bicycle Guardians were commissioned by Theory11, a group of 11 individuals whose objective is to advance the art of magic. As such, the cards were designed with magicians in mind and special attention was given to handling and feel.

The development, however, was not without it’s glitches. The first run came off the press in August 2007 to mixed reviews from the flourishing community. Some people said they ‘clumped’ or wouldn’t fan properly. Others said the deck just needed some breaking in. The team at Theory11 reworked the cards to achieve better handling.

A subsequent run was commissioned but to the disappointment of the design team the changes didn’t make the grade. The whole run of 5000 decks was binned without ever seeing the market.

Theory11 worked again with USPCC on the paper stock and plastic finish. Finally, a card worthy of all the work emerged later that year. Bicycle Guardians have maintained a reputation for excellence ever since and are used by magicians and card artists.

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