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WhiteKnuckles Pre-Order Page

If you're a card enthusiast of any description you're going to love these. Brett A. Jones is an accomplished artist and these hand renderings of the English Pattern are true to their patrimony. Manufactured to a world class standard expected by serious card players or sleight of hand artists means they are being manufactured in the United States by a well known and highly reputable manufacturer. This true rendition of the English standard is destined to become a classic. Not only because it represents the standard playing in all its artistic beauty, but also because the finished product will stand on its own merits as a playing card that can be dealt, snapped and shuffled, standing up to hours and hours of play.

There are only so many decks coming off the first run, and no body can guarantee that there'll be a second. To be one of the first people to know once they become available, use the form below to register your expression of interest. WhiteKnuckle Playing Cards can still currently reserve quantities as requested. WhiteKnuckes will be priced at around AU$10 / deck + postage. There is no obligation to buy when you submit this form, just the assurance that you'll be first to know when they are ready to be popped out of box, and dealt out on a table for play.

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If you'd like to know more about WhiteKnuckle Playing Cards, or have any specific questions, just use the comments section in the form above or go to our CONTACT PAGE

Thank you for your interest.

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